Monday, March 8, 2010

Up for Sunday

I went to mass at St. Patrick's Church in the CBD, built in the 1830's according to Wikipedia.  In that New Orleans Spanish-colonial stucco.  It was odd to me.  Maybe I'm just very sheltered but I've never been to a Catholic mass before where there was no music at all except for a quick blast of an organ when the priest walks in and out.  It was odd to hear the deacon just read through all three parts of the liturgy and in between just read different stuff with no song.  And then at communion, a bell rings and the whole church just stands up in silence (confusing!) and lines up to kneel in groups of 20 or so up at the alter and get served.  Is this the old church the way my parents' generation knew it before the 60's reforms?  Gosh I might as well have gone all-out and waited for the Latin mass that followed this one.

Anyway, pretty church though. Inside and out.

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