Saturday, March 20, 2010

Catching up - to the end

Friday was the last and warmest day in the midwest March warm-up week.  I did the ride home from Lake George in as straight a shot as I would do on a bike.  After 7+ days and 1850 miles in the saddle of a machine the manufacturer classifies as "urban sports", I'm ready for a break.  And, despite the warm sun, the west wind is really kicking today, steady over 25mph.  Also, as I roll US-12 through the Irish Hills, I'm watching a pile of sand roll by in the centerline of each lane.  I am in Michigan, after all, and it is still technically winter.  So it's an easy ride.  Tons of bikes were out on US-12.  Eventually the left-hand-salute that I always exchange with passing riders gets annoying , as just about every other bike out is a Harley and most (but definitely not all) of these guys see a non-Harley rider in proper protective gear and usually ignore them as if they were driving a Hyundai.  Anyway, home-again home-again, yippie.  Didn't honestly think I'd make it this far on the bike when I started out but it all worked out.  Lucky me because the weather Saturday turned to typical March gloom and chill.

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  1. Your motorcycle is becoming that gnome that gets its picture taken in front of all the places "it" visits. I think it needs a name, no?

    Any big philosophical thoughts about life, post-trip? Or still mulling?

    Thanks for the posts, I've loved stalking your progress. Get a windscreen. AND BREAK A LEG AT THE NEW JOB :)

  2. From San Antonio! I think it has been colder down here than where you are. But the sun is shining today, so we will proceed soon to the Riverwalk, and find some good tex-mex food I imagine. Mostly mex I hope. Loved reading all the parts of the blog, and laughed when you found the water blocking your way, but mostly, I am so happy it all went well. You certainly look happy back in Ann Arbor with your new baby. Great job! Mom