Friday, March 5, 2010


Today was a tough day. After a nice lunch and many nice (and just as many difficult) goodbyes, I was walked out of the GM Proving Grounds.

There's a lot of feelings leaving a job that has taken over so much of your life and your identity. There are a lot of good people back there who were really sorry to see me leave, it showed in their words today. How did I get to the point that I absolutely had to get myself out of that environment? At what point do you run out of luck always moving away from good people?

Too much. It was a lonely last ride home from Milford.

Tomorrow, travel.


  1. Already your blog is better than mine. I will have to change the color scheme or something. And your picture of the open road is a very inviting one, I am predicting very good things from your random adventure :)

  2. Those fields look remarkably like the wonders of Korean cow land. Hmmm

  3. Okay, I'm way behind in family news. I didn't know you're no longer with GM. Now I have a discussion topic for dinner w/ Uncle Bill tonight.