Friday, March 12, 2010

In Houma, Louisiana

Last FedEx with the dealer accessories arrived after lunch, giving me the little flyscreen above the instrument panel and the Triumph-branded tankbag.  Threw my suitacse in a UPS box and crammed everything I think I need (and absolutely nothing else) in my new luggage.  Left downtown around 4:30.  Only way out of NO is by freeway so away we go on the big bridge over the river.  Very boring and trafficky ride to Houma, call it a day since its dark.  It will get better.  Bike is great, but now realize I am limited to 60mph with the 0-300mile break-in rev limit at 5000rpm.  Good - all the more reason to stay off the interstates.

Sent off from the crescent city by dogs...first by Magda and siblings at the Gentry House B&B:

And then by Fido at the dealership.

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  1. So, what was Gentry house like? I was wondering where you were staying? Glad you chose a B and B. I can't imagine being in a Best Western for that many nights. Your route was the one downside, because I don't remember much about that route I liked. But today, through southern Louisiana, and Cajun country ought to be fantastic, if the sun is out!