Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Break-In

Guess I'll put off the plans to make the front door open/close/lock smoother.  Old sticky door kept out an intruder this evening - WHILE I was home, awake, just up the stairs.  Not a pleasant experience.  I hate violence.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Two dots

Joined by a line. Funny the stuff I hear when I'm working in the garage.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Bullet points

  • The big push continues at my job, working way too many hours for the third straight week.  Hope to wrap this weekend.  Resume house chores.  House chores which were left in a marked state of suspended progress weeks ago now... The neighbors must be so impressed.  (Job also requires a career decision here this week lest I forget...)
  • Hey.  HEY!  Did you see the Ferris Bueller boat??  They were awesome.  What effort!  Screw the lame Teen Wolfs.
  • Thanks to the pinup girls (and Matt, I guess) for coming out to my areas for the first annual Ypsi Ton-Up vintage motorcycle rally.  While despite not having a "vintage" bike I was able to mooch off the good name of Triumph and be a poser for a while.  A modestly good showing on a hot Saturday afternoon on the river, including this exotic 1950's Vincent speed demon - don't touch it!  And damn the mosquitos.

  • Checking out Junip lately - an unknown-to-me project of Jose Gonzalez releasing new stuff this Summer.  Really digging the mix of driving organs, downtempo drumming and Jose's how-is-that-guy-Swedish? voice.  It's all a winner.  And when you ace a cover of one of Springsteen's very best songs, I say a winner is you - Junip.
  • "Americans...are forever searching for love in places it can never be.  It must have something to do with the vanished frontier"  - my vacation book.  Name it!  Then invade a small country in the name of freedom.
  • So, how's the weather where you're at?