Sunday, March 14, 2010

In Natchez, Mississippi

Rode out of Lafayette to the north, avoiding I-10 and taking a ferry crossing over the Mississippi at St Francisville.  State-operated ferry was neat - no toll eastbound, and only like a buck the other way - and for five minutes or so gave me a feeling for the power and scale of the river, which was very true to it's Big Muddy name.

From there a stop for a nice cafe lunch in St Francisville and a pleasant ride up to Angola.  After the prison visit, I headed off the beaten path north into Mississippi and found some great back roads - finally!  Some hills, some leaning, some shifting - goodbye Louisiana.  It was a really remote area and was testing my trust in the printed-out Google map sheets I was using to navigate by.  Eventually after scaring myself into thinking I was lost in an unhabited corner of Mississippi I found Highway 61.  I rode the last hour on this up to Natchez, and it wa sawful.  The highway was like an interstate and cut in a very wide clearing.  Wind was gusting over 20mph across the road and I had a handful.  Very glad to reach Natchez.  This town has a great view of the river, and appears to be a touristy spot for old people.  Oh well, slept a ton and am now pretty screwed up by the DST time change.  Fortunately I have a short ride today up the delta.

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