Wednesday, June 16, 2010

House for sale

The park next door (West Park) has been closed all summer for a huge drainage project - which is a bummer since it's my shortcut walking downtown.  So anyway, there's a couple of very interesting unique homes at the other end of the park that I haven't walked by in a while.  Walking home on Sunday morning I went down Chapin and saw this house for sale:

I really like the craftsman details on the porch of this house - a little jealous in fact.  It's a few years newer than mine and a good bit closer to downtown with less street traffic.  But.. no driveway and no garage.  Not that I ever use those luxury items at my house... heh

Anyway, it's a comparable home to mine, just as quirky in that it's only two bedrooms and lacking in some of the modern "must-haves" that realtors like.  So it's encouraging to see that it's gone fairly quickly at what I imagine is close to their asking price.  Encouraging for me.  Not that I'm going anywhere.

Well, if I can't buy the house I might as well steal some design themes for my next project...

1 comment:

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