Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Furniture, Part 7a

The is-it-a-bookshelf-or-is-it-a-dresser furniture creation boondoggle finally went together OK.  Making the drawers was a first of sorts.  I went for broke on the first try at "cabinetry" by using a flush fit, no overhangs on my two 29-inch wide drawers.  So I had to get the measurements just right ("dead nuts" to use the King's English) for no gaps with the frame boards and of course no interference either when closing.  Overhanging drawer faces allow a bit more slop in the fit.  I should have been aware of this as I was envisioning the thing.  Because I'm really not equipped for precision fixturing.  So I measured about 50 times all the hole positions, centerlines, etc.  Norm Abram shakes his head in dismay at all this lost time cutting into the bottom line... to think I want to be a cabinetmaker....tsk tsk.

Drawer quasi-joinery meant I got to use my most showy German power tools.

The neighbors must be so impressed.  I made the drawer faces out of MDF, with the intention all along that they'd be painted black.  Then I had the idea to make decorative inlays with a crafty thing the ladies call a "stencil".  Upstairs to the paint department and some "CFC-free" inhalant indulgences.  Brain cells aren't solving my problems these days, so why not mow through a few cans of Krylon?

Anyway, a stencil job for the big finish.  Patience, yes.

The neighbors must be so impressed.  I could complain at this point about how the S4S white pine I got at Fingerle did not take the 5:1 Minwax Red Oak/Jacobean stain blend NEARLY as well as the dripping-wet crap at Home Depot I used on the bed project.  I could point out how I was sloppy with the glue on my fancy biscuit joints and it shows now in a couple spots.  Or I could ramble on about why furniture lacquer spray is not the way to go on top of spray paint in high humidity.  But whatever.  The finished product is satisfactory.  Drawers fit and slide pretty damn good.  Small victories.  Whats' next?

The neighbors must be so impressed.

Whatever, a bird and a tree for my bedroom fort up in the trees.  Actually, a robin and a tree.


  1. It's gorgeous! Bravo! You know you're making all the furniture for my hypothetical future house, right? And we're family (aka expect compensation in lemonade and hugs).

    1. Can I get a description or zoom in on the handle knobs?
    2. Haven't you finished that book yet? Or is it making a statement?

  2. Wait - what? Hypothetical future house? Bought for lemonade? How many weeks were you planning on crashing here this summer? Oh no, it's turning into that movie, You Me and Dupree. Again, art imitates life.

    1. Handlesknobs are from the bin at the hardware store. No story there. Are you saying I need to make my own handlesknobs too?
    2. I just picked up the book last week so yes I am still reading it. If by "reading" you mean 3.5 pages before I pass out.